The Mook Rim Society

Welcome ot the Official Mook Rim Buddhist Society International Home Page, the Regional Center of World Fellowship of Buddhists, the Institute for Buddhist Studies Austria (Mook Rim Buddhist College), and the Taego Order Overseas Office Bo Kwang Buddhist Temple Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mook Rim Society, please review the membership link for more information.

We are pleased to also introduce you to the IBS-USA online seminary program designed for people who would like to dedicate their lives to spreading the Dharma, but do not have local access to a certified training center. To find out more about the IBS training program, please follow the "How to Become a Monk or Dharma Teacher Link".

The Mottos of the Mook Rim Society:
A progressive movement of Korean Zen Buddhists.
Fight against racism.
Study of all Buddhist traditions including: Mahayana, Theravada and the Vajrayana tradition. Fight against sexual prejudice.
Fight for religious freedom. Acceptance of Priests in the work force.
Practical support for humanitarian activities. Acceptance of non-monastic Buddhist priests.
Socialized Buddhism. Avoidance of radical activities.
Support interreligious dialogue. International cohesiveness among all Buddhists.

Mook Rim is an official Regional center of The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB)

Our Universe is like a cluster of flowers..
The Avatamsaka Sutra




The Mook Rim Buddhist Society is Affiliated with The Korean Buddhist Taego Order Seoul, South Korea. Copyright © 2010 MookRim Society